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    Blue Connect

    Blue Connect

    Enjoy your Hot Tub with peace of mind

    Blue Connect analyzes the quality of the water and shows you the needed chemicals for the maintenance of your Hot Tub.

    Sit back and relax. Thanks to Blue Connect, your Hot Tub is at your fingertips

    Monitor your Hot Tub wherever you are with the connected Hot Tub water analyzer and the free Blue Connect app.

    Equipped with an innovative all-in-one sensor, Blue Connect measures the main parameters of your Hot Tub:

    – The water temperature;
    – The pH;
    – The level of disinfectant (ORP);
    – The level of salts in the water (conductivity).

    Depending on the parameters of your Hot Tub and the state of the water, the application recommends the chemicals needed for its maintenance.

    Stay connected with Sigfox

    Sigfox is a network dedicated to connected objects (IoT) and present in more than 30 countries.
    It works with a network of antennas available worldwide, and does not require any Wi-Fi connection, subscription or configuration.

    • Sigfox: Blue Connect continuously sends data to the cloud via Sigfox
    • Bluetooth: You can take instant Bluetooth measures.
    • Wi-Fi: You can use Blue Connect with your Wi-Fi network via the Wi-Fi Blue Extender repeater.

    A sustainable product, safe for your health and the environment

    Blue Connect helps keep your water clean and healthy in all circumstances.

    Avoid waste and inadequate dosages of chemicals thanks to a practical guide adapted to the needs of your Hot Tub.

    Blue Connect and its probe are guaranteed for a period of two years.
    Product maintenance is simple and cost-efficient. It is advised to replace the probe and battery every two years. You can replace them yourself in just a few minutes.

    Blue Connect works in all types of pools and spas (chlorine, bromine and salt).