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    Water disinfection kit

    Water disinfection kit

    Perfect enjoyment

    The Aquavia Water Care disinfection kit allows you to control the quality of the hot tub’s water in a simple and convenient way.

    Disinfecting the water is made easy with this product. Keep the water crystal clear without any tests or other complicated processes. Aquavia Water Care ensures maximum water quality with a minimum of effort.

    Hassle-free enjoyment. That’s what you want. That’s why you bought a hot tub or jacuzzi. You thoroughly enjoy every second you spend in it, until the bacteria and other micro-organisms settle in a smooth layer known as a biofilm around the edge of your tub and the limescale deposits start ravaging your hot tub. So what do you do now? Cleaning with chlorine and other chemicals seems to be the only solution. However, did you know that chlorine (even in large amounts) only kills the bacteria on the surface and does not affect the living organisms that are deeper down? Chlorine also damages the environment and may cause severe side effects on the skin, in the eyes and in the respiratory system.

    That is why we offer you a crystal clear organic alternative: Aquavia Water Care, water as clean as it can be…

    How Aquavia Water Care works

    Aquavia Water Care is an all-in-one environmentally friendly water treatment product for your hot tub, jacuzzi or swimming pool. The product works in a unique way and you only have to add a minimal amount of disinfectant to your hot tub water, like with a chloride tablet in a dispenser. Aquavia Water Care is also biodegradable, so it is environmentally friendly in two ways.

    Aquavia Water Care cleans the water in your hot tub or jacuzzi from the bottom to the surface in a simple but efficient way. A weekly Aquavia Water Care treatment prevents the formation of limescale, the breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms. Aquavia Water Care also dissolves any limescale that has already formed. Your hot tub or jacuzzi’s ozonator or UV lamp will do the rest: they kill the dissolved bacteria and disinfect the water. The result is crystal clear, clean and wonderfully soft water.

    Additional benefits

    With Aquavia Water Care your hot tub or jacuzzi is kept hygienically clean. This prolongs its service life. But your body and soul also benefit when you use Aquavia Water Care. The clean and soft water makes your skin as smooth as silk and gives it a deep cleanse, while the pleasant, fresh scent of Aquavia Water Care helps your mind relax.