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    Colour Sense

    It turns the hot tub into a relaxing chromotherapy centre

    Colour Sense turns the hot tub into a genuine chromotherapy centre, offering wellness therapy based on the positive effects of colour on people’s health and quality of life. As a result, Aquavia Spa has equipped some of its hot tub models with a lighting system that uses multiple LED spotlights to project the chosen colour or a sequence of lights with a range of alternating colours (direct switching or colour transitions), with the aim of creating a connection between the colour, your mind and your body.

    An increasing number of experts maintain that colour and visual stimulation through colour frequencies are capable of improving people’s health and even of preventing diseases, in addition to providing emotional benefits such as stress reduction and the stimulation of creativity.

    Our hot tubs with Colour Sense have LED spotlights around the edge of the controls and in different locations under the water. So, in addition to the chromotherapy features, the appearance of your hot tub is spectacular when the lights around it are dimmed or turned off.