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    Surround Bluetooth Audio

    The powerful surround sound system controlled from your mobile phone

    Listen to your music while you relax in your hot tub, thanks to a wireless sound system connected remotely to your mobile device via Bluetooth. The Surround Bluetooth Audio system allows you to easily and conveniently enjoy the highest quality sound, with 4 speakers and a subwoofer, from your mobile phone or tablet (or any other device with Bluetooth).

    Additionally, the system also features a panel that is installed in the hot tub's cabinet, allowing you to access the basic audio controls, including the radio tuner.

    The hot tubs that include the Surround Bluetooth Audio system have four 30 W speakers (120 W in total) and one 50 W subwoofer (bass amplifier), except for the Cube, Wave and Barcelona models that come with an internal amplifier with four 50 W speakers.