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    Wifi Touch Panel

    Complete control of the hot tub from anywhere and at any time

    Imagine being able to control your hot tub from your mobile phone, from work or when you are on your way home, so that everything is ready when you arrive. This is now possible thanks to the Wi-Fi Touch Panel, the remote control and programming technology added to the BALBOA® control system of all our hot tubs.

    While BALBOA® allows you to control and programme the basic features of all of our hot tubs, from switching on the massage pumps to configuring the filtration cycles, the Wi-Fi Touch Panel gives you full remote control for when you are on the move and is suitable for the latest mobile devices and tablets with Android and iOs (Apple) operating systems.

    As well as being convenient, the Wi-Fi Touch Panel is an excellent tool for optimising the energy efficiency of your hot tub.