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    Nice Hot Tub

    216 x 216 - 5 places
    Collection Premium Spa

    A hot tub for a beautiful life

    Buying a Spa Nice means being swept away by an exceptional combination of aesthetic design and ergonomics, offering an overall feeling of well-being and satisfaction. This 5-person hydromassage tub, with 4 comfortable seats and a spectacular lounger, is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a hot tub with great features, impeccable aesthetics, and high power. As such, the Nice hot tub is one of Aquavia Spa‘s most powerful models, with two separate hydromassage pumps, an air jet pump, and the exclusive silent filtration pump (Silent Pump). The Spa Nice has everything you need in order to improve your quality of life.

    Share your best moments as a family, as a couple or with friends in your Spa Nice. It has 54 stainless steel water jets that can be adjusted in intensity and direction, and 12 air nozzles featuring the Relax Impact System that wonderfully relaxes your muscles and immerses the body in a sea of bubbles. And it has the added value of the Flexible Massage system that uses hydromassage sequences to emulate the hands of a masseuse, with the option of regulating intensities, intervals and duration. To top it all off, its lounger extends the massage from neck to toes and creates absolutely magical wellness moments of total well-being and relaxation.

    Beautiful, gentle, pleasant and all the rest

    The Nice hot tub lives up to its name, it’s nice. Although other words could equally be used to describe this hot tub: pleasant, gentle, likeable, sweet, enjoyable, subtle, pretty. The Spa Nice has it all, with a series of details that make it really special, starting with its exterior finish Woodermax, exclusive to the Premium range (cabinet with no screws, completely smooth and made from extraordinarily strong material). From the outside, you can see the two elegant waterfalls extending from two of its head positions. The other three have comfortable headrests. The ergonomic shapes and subtle waves of its interior give it a pleasant feel, enhanced by the underwater LED lighting (option to add up to 5 spotlights of the Colour Sense chromotherapy system), and the stainless steel finish on the nozzles and jets, all coming together to create a very tasteful design.

    Any of the Aquavia Spa exclusive features can be optionally added to the Spa Nice, as is the case for all models in its Premium Spa range. The result of years of research and constant improvement of user experience is within your grasp, to make your home a haven of well-being and comfort.


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    Element finishes Acrílicos

    Pearl Shadow

    Element finishes Madera

    Graphite Woodermax
    Thunder Woodermax
    Walnut Woodermax
    Butterfly Woodermax
    Dark grey Soft Rain


    • 1. Five LEDs inside
    • 2. Relaxing air massage
    • 3. Innovation hot tub
    • 4. Spaciousness inside

    Five LEDs inside

    A total of five powerful colour LEDs that light up the interior of the hot tub, turning it into a chromotherapy centre.

    Relaxing air massage

    It injects air into the hot tub, generating thousands of bubbles which relax your muscles when they come into contact with your body. Located in the lower back and leg areas, the air nozzles are perfect for finishing a massage and relaxing your muscles.

    Innovation hot tub

    With the Touch panel control panel you will have: cutting-edge technology for comfort, health and well-being.

    Spaciousness inside

    Complete freedom inside. A completely open space, perfect for sharing good times.

    Technical data sheet

    General specifications

    • Hot tub dimensions (cm): 216 x 216 x 90
    • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 5 (4 / 1)
    • Volumen de agua de los Spas (litros): 1.180 l
    • Peso del Spa: (vacío - lleno): 306 Kg / 1.486 Kg
    • Bomba de masaje del Spa: 2 x 1.800 W / 2,5 CV
    • Bomba soplante del Spa: 1.150 W
    • Bomba de filtración del Spa: 250 W
    • Calefacción eléctrica del Spa: 3.000 W
    • Potencia requerida: Low Amp (W) / (A) a 230 V: 5.200 W / 22,4 A
    • Voltaje de los Spas: 230 V / 400 V III


    • Hot tub number of jets: 54
    • Spa con inyectores de aire: 12
    • Spa con Reposacabezas: 3
    • Spa con panel de control digital: Touch panel
    • Ultraviolet Treatment UV: Yes
    • Spa con estructura metálica galvanizada: Yes
    • Spa con Base ABS aislante: Yes
    • Energy Saving Cover: Yes
    • Colour Sense: 5 LED + lit accessories
    • Jets/Boquillas Inoxidable: Yes
    • Aromatherapy: Yes
    • Spa con Filtro: Yes
    • Cascadas del spa: 2
    • Flexible Massage: Optional


    • Nordic Insulation System: Optional
    • Colores Casco Spa: White, Sterling, Pearl Shadow, Cameo, Winter Solstice, Sand, Silver
    • Tipo revestimiento Mueble Exterior: Nogal, Grafito, Thunder, Butterfly, Dark Grey
    • Surround Bluetooth Audio: Optional
    • Touch Panel programable Wifi: Optional
    • Pure Line Lighting: Optional
    • Spa con doble aislamiento térmico EcoSpa: Optional
    • Spa sin mueble: Optional

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    Nice Hot Tub
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