Hot tubs installed outside your home tend to get dirty with leaves, dust or other elements that settle on the bottom of the hot tub. Cleaning this dirt is not possible without the Hot tub Floor Cleaner.

This accessory allows you to clean the bottom of the Hot tub mechanically. In 5 minutes you will leave the bottom of your hot tub clean of any dirt.

An accessory designed to suck impurities from the water. Make cleaning your hot tub quick and easy with our manual pool cleaner.

An easy-to-use product that allows you to access nooks and crannies that others cannot reach. In addition, our cleaner adapts perfectly to the needs of your hot tub because it has 2 heads so you can choose the way you want to clean your hot tub. This product requires no electrical connection as it vacuums up debris with a simple suction action. An easy to assemble and store accessory.