Aqualife 5 hot tub in Albi

In this new publication we feature an Aqualife 5 hot tub installed by Aquavia partner Harmony Spas in Albi.

The spa has been installed in the exterior courtyard of a private home. The spa is in an unbeatable location, surrounded by nature and fully integrated into the environment around the home. The patio has an automatic curtain system that turns the spa area into a private space even though it is located outside.

The Aqualife 5 spa was delivered with a graphite structure and was finished in the Silk colour option, a combination that blends harmoniously with the home’s décor and finishes.

It was also delivered with a Clean Water disinfection system. This system removes bacteria from water using an ozone mixing system; the mix produced through the spa’s filtering system automatically and effectively eliminates all spa bacteria.

This spa, included in the Aquavia Spa Aqualife range, offers five fully-equipped and ergonomic seats. Power massages in the spa’s two comfortable reclined seats and three deep seats and a total of 26 jets and 14 air nozzles create unforgettable moments of relaxation.

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