Award given to an installation with the Cube model!

Second prize for Aquavia Spa in the EUSA Awards

On the 7th of November, Aquavia Spa won an award at the Golden Wave organised by the magazine SCHWIMMBAD + SAUNA and the Aquanale international trade show, thanks to an installation by our dealer Deine Wellnesswelt. 

This award is especially significant given that 2019 is the year with the highest number of nominees in the history of the awards, with a total of almost 200 nominees.

 Artur Deu, the CEO of Iberspa and the sales manager Angela Herrmann collected the award for the second best hot tub installation.


Minimalist design and pure elegance

The hot tub installed was the Cube model from Aquavia Spa’s Exclusive range. A model with an ergonomic structure, which allows users to move around in the water with total freedom in the large, spacious and flexible area with 4 positions.

The Cube Spa is more than just therapeutic or purely relaxing, it is holistic: it is designed to achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Its 27 pressurised water jets and 12 air injectors allow users to enjoy an outstanding hydromassage circuit.

The Cube Spa is a must-have for your home.