Prime Tex Cover

Prime Tex Cover: Textile covers of the utmost elegance and style

We are delighted to introduce the Prime Tex Cover, designed to take your spa to the next level. Here are the key features that make these covers stand out from the crowd.

We have expanded our colour range to offer you a variety of options.

  • Exclusive Range: Black
  • Premium Range: Dark Grey

Each colour defines the differences between our spa ranges, choosing the perfect match for each product.

Textile Material

The textile has been selected not only for its quality and strength, but also for its softness to the touch, which adds a feeling of luxury and comfort. In addition, the textile material enhances the UV protection caused by solar radiation.

Thermal Insulation

We introduce an innovative element in our covers: an inner grid that prevents rainwater from accumulating. This feature significantly improves the insulation of the cover. Now, your spa will be even more protected against humidity, maintaining the water temperature efficiently and reducing energy consumption.

Improved Waterproofing

The textile ensures exceptional waterproofing, which contributes to a longer product life, representing a long-term investment. In addition, the metallic shade of the inner grille adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to the inside of the cover.


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