Built-in hot tub for 5 people

Experience moments of relaxation and connection with the Aquavia Spa Round 2 spa, an elegant built-in spa designed for 5 people. Its circular shape and design allows for easy transition between positions to enjoy a complete and varied massage. Featuring an internal staircase for effortless entry and exit, the Round 2 is perfect as a complement to outdoor pools or for indoor installations. Its galvanised metal structure guarantees strength and durability, while its external pumping, massage, heating and filtration system ensures efficient operation. As an indoor hot tub or home spa, the Spa Round 2 offers the ultimate hydromassage experience, with 30 massage points, including 20 water jets and 10 air nozzles, the Relax Impact System provides an enveloping and relaxing massage. It also features a multi-coloured LED spotlight for a complete chromotherapeutic experience. Immerse yourself in luxury and relaxation with this stunning hot tub from Aquavia Spa.


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Shell finishes


European spa manufacturer located in Spain

Designed and produced exclusively in Europe, with the highest quality certificationIn the face of the production decentralization trend, Aquavia Spa has chosen to maintain its own production, from Cervera (70 km from Barcelona), of all our spas, pools.

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The strong influence of one of the most creative cities in the worldAquavia Spa combines the creative dynamism of Barcelona with innovation in engineering to offer unique and exclusive spas, committed to quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

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Robust structures that ensure a long product life Aquavia Spa's robust metal structure guarantees the durability and resistance of your spa in any environment, backed by a 15-year warranty for lasting peace of mind.

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Ozone injection in filtration to neutralize soaps, oils, and other difficult-to-remove sediments Aquavia Spa's Clean Water uses ozone injection to improve filtration in your spa, guaranteeing clear and clean water with an increased efficiency of 80%.

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Perfected cover to conserve water temperature and qualityAquavia Spa's Energy Saving Cover is an enhanced spa cover that minimizes heat loss and water evaporation, offering energy savings and simplified maintenance.

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An extensive guarantee

We offer long-lasting guarantees, because the quality and reliability of our hot tubs makes it possible.

15 years for frame

10 years for acrylic

2 years for components