New sessions, renewed enthusiasm

We carried out a photo and video shoot with our Essence and Soft hot tub models.

A new corporate image, a new start, new models… in short, a breath of fresh air. Aquavia Spa is undergoing a revolution and we wanted to highlight this in a photo shoot of our two new hot tubs, the Essence and Soft, and their accompanying videos.

So, with autumn upon us, we decided to go to an impressive country house in the heart of Catalonia, where we shared some unforgettable days with our young and senior couples. The images and making of video illustrate this wonderfully.


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Essential Days

Our aim was to show off the best features of the Essence and Soft models, in line with our new image which, without question, is perfectly reflected in these two hot tubs: design, innovation and exclusivity.

The Essence is from our Premium range of hot tubs, it is extremely versatile and relatively compact in size and offers that something extra that user always want: better finishes, more features and the total quality of Aquavia Spa. Designed for a truly exceptional experience for couples and groups (5 people) alike.

In turn, the Soft hot tub, also from the Premium range, remains a leader in spirit; a highly popular hot tub with a truly impressive design, features and ergonomics. One of Aquavia Spa’s top sellers with 6 positions.

What more could you ask for? Enjoy our hot tubs as much, if not more, than we enjoyed the photo and video shoot that we created with such care and dedication. Carpe diem.