New cabinet for the Wave HotTub

Continuing with the process of improving our Aquavia Spa products, we present the improvements made to the Wave hot tub cabinet. These modifications not only improve the handling and installation of the product; the size of the hot tubs has also been altered.

Improvements to the Wave HotTub cabinet

The improvements made to the cabinet are summarised in the points below:

  • New cabinet dimensions: the current dimensions of the cabinet, once installed, are 2,328 mm x 2,328 mm, meaning a 60 mm reduction on either side of the hot tub, compared to the previous version of the cabinet. This change means a reduction in weight.


  • Exterior lighting system: the interior lighting has been synchronised with the exterior lighting, enabling the same lighting effect to be achieved both inside the hot tub and in the cabinet. The exterior lights are located at the centre of each panel and all along the hot tub’s base board.

Wave-new-sizes-packaging-003Exterior lighting system

  • Reduced packaging size, making the packaging boxes easier to handle.

Wave-new-sizes-packaging-001 Reduced packaging size

The improvements apply to all new orders confirmed from July 2016 onwards.