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    New Nice hot tub

    One of the new models that Aquavia Spa will present in 2016 is the NICE hot tub. This model is based on the AQUALIFE 7 hot tub design, but it includes 12 air nozzles in its interior, providing a new massage feature in the hot tub.

    With this new addition to the catalogue, Aquavia Spa is now able to offer one of its best equipped hot tubs in the PREMIUM range. A total of 54 jets and 2 waterfalls are complemented by 12 air nozzles which provide a relaxing massage for users in a seated position in the hot tub. The air nozzles are located behind the thighs and provide a relaxing effect for that part of the body.

    For more information, take a look at the product sheet or contact us using the following contact form.