Soft Rain is coming, the new hot tub cabinet that blends in perfectly with your garden

It is one of the most outstanding aesthetic creations for 2018 in the Aquavia Spa catalogue. With Soft Rain, we wanted to create a completely natural appearance that blends in seamlessly with a garden environment, based on synthetic rattan, as used in a lot of outdoor furniture. This new model is creating a lot of excitement and is destined for success in Europe from this summer.

The new Soft Rain is part of the Premium hot tub range and, like all products in the same range, it has been designed in the style of the Woodermax line, with no visible screws and an easy open system for maintenance work. Its main technical advantage is that it is fully weatherproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions, everything from rain to discolouration caused by the sun’s rays.

Soft Rain, now available on the market, represents a major aesthetic and technical advance in our range of hot tubs that are mainly designed for outdoors, although some customers even prefer to have them inside the home because they create an atmosphere that simulates the outdoors. Everyone has different tastes, so we try to cover all preferences.