The aquatic bicycle for Swimspas

Aquavia Spa launches the aquatic bicycle for Swimspas

Aquavia Spa is releasing the Aquabike onto the market. This is an exercise bike that is used for aqua cycling in a Swimspa which, besides pedalling in the water, allows you to do numerous comprehensive muscle toning exercises.

It is a highly versatile product, as it has been designed for a wide variety of activities involving numerous combinations of torso and upper limb movements. One of the main features of this product is its overall toning power and ease of adjustment by users, while at the same time aiding circulation and improving lymphatic drainage.

So, in addition to the aquabike’s many features, it has a wide range of optional add-ons that make the Aquabike the most complete and versatile aquatic bicycle on the market. Without question, this new product reinforces our commitment to improve the quality of life of our users, thanks to the beneficial applications for health that come with physical exercise in a water environment.