New hot tub steps

Continuing with our products’ improvement process, in May we present the new hot-tub steps with a walnut and graphite finish.


Robust, long-lasting steps

Each model has been redesigned with the goal of offering a robust, long-lasting product. Wood-look HPL has been used throughout the entire structure of these new steps, replacing the agglomerates used as reinforcement in previous models.


The joints of each part of the steps have been reinforced with angles manufactured in stainless steel and six support points have been mounted on the base to improve stability.

Two anti-slip steps

The step sets feature two steps with an anti-slip base, designed to prevent any type of accident when getting into or out of the tub.


A colour range that meets every need

The two step models combine perfectly with the two tub models available for the range. We use the same material to make the steps as we do to make the tub, meaning we can produce steps that form part of the spa set.

Escala-Nogal-2015_001-JPEG-Low Escala-Graphite-2015-001-JPEG-Low

The step measurements are optimal: 31 cm high, 76 cm wide and 63 cm deep to ensure easy access to the tub and ideal stability on the ground.

The steps will be available starting May 2015.