You get up in the morning

Have your breakfast, do a little sport and then, after a hot shower, you get into your hot tub: you find your favourite seat or lounger and start up the hydromassage. Little by little, you start noticing that your muscles are relaxing and your mind is disconnecting from the world around you. The temperature of the water is just how you like it. You start a hydromassage circuit across each hot tub position. When the hydromassage has finished, you turn on the chromotherapy lights and ask Alexa to dim the ambient lighting in the room…

Having a hot tub at home is one of the most rewarding pleasures possible. A hot tub gives you time to relax, helping you to lower your stress and muscle tension, but it also a place to spend time with your partner or family.



Spending your free time in a hot tub at home allows you to discover a new facet of water (all year long): the most fun part with your kids or the most romantic side with your partner, after a perfect dinner.

No confinement can spoil this experience: put a hot tub on your terrace, in your garden or in an open-plan room and find your moment: your hot tub at home.