Discover a world of sensations

People often think that a hydromassage ends when the water jets stop massaging your back and legs. A hot tub is far more than a hydromassage centre.

One of the magical moments you get in a hot tub is when the water calms down, the sound of running water disappears and you can relax on whatever lounger or seat you are on.

Hot tubs have all of the features you need to make that moment of peace unforgettable. Chromatherapy is one of the techniques you can use during those moments. Aquavia Spa hot tubs have an LED system that lights up the water. Thanks to the Colour Sense system, the water turns the desired colour. Turn off the lights in the room or garden and allow the different light sequences to transport you to a place of peace and tranquillity.

There is no better accompaniment for that moment than music. Having a bluetooth system in the hot tub means that you can listen to your favourite music and enjoy those relaxing moments. Choose a tracklist on your smartphone with chill-out music or relaxing tunes and enjoy the moment thanks to the Bluetooth Surround Audio System.

Lights, music… and action! There is no better stage to enjoy a moment of peace than in your hot tub.

Do not hesitate, get the most out of your hot tub every day of your life!