Aquavia Spa presents its two newest creations at Piscine Global Europe

Hot tubs and Swimspas out to impress in Lyon

Aquavia Spa wants to shine in Lyon (France), at the top European trade fair in the swimming pool and wellness sector. From 15 to 18 November, at an Eurexpo exhibition centre that is sold out after almost 900 exhibitors signed up, Aquavia will be presenting its two latest creations: the Hotel hot tub and the Touch 5 hot tub. The following models will also be on display: Touch hot tub, Essence, the Fitness SwimSpa with its new internal design and the new incarnation of the Cube Ergo, which is now called the Lounge hot tub. 

At this first post-pandemic face-to-face edition of this exhibition for professional and private audiences, Aquavia Spa wants to showcase its innovations in different products:

  • The Touch 5 hot tub, a 5-position hot tub which, despite having 5 positions, is able to fit through the doors of any house thanks to its dimensions 216x216x74 cm, especially its height which, as you can see, is minimal. Another of its selling points is the number of jets. 62 hydromassage jets with the unique feature that some of them target areas like the feet, buttocks and sides of the legs, so you can enjoy yourself like in no other hot tub!
  • The new incarnation of the Cube Ergo, the Lounge hot tub. A hot tub that has gone back in time, with ergonomics and an internal design that are even better than in the old hot tub, with the creation of the Lounge hot tub.
  • The hot tub for the contract sector, the hot tub for the hotel industry, the Hotel hot tub, which is so much more than a cost-effective hydromassage tub. This hot tub is designed to address the issues faced by the sector. Hence its biggest innovation: an automatic filling system that ensures that the water is completely replaced and in optimal condition in just 45 minutes. A professional choice in every sense!

And finally, a radical shift in the design of a hydromassage tub from the SwimSpa series, with the Fitness Swimspa there to represent this range. It has been completely overhauled during the last year with minimalist designs and added features. This decision is in step with the boom in the European swimming pool sector, a great growth opportunity for Aquavia Spa.

It is no coincidence that these products are being presented at a top-rate event like Piscine Global Europe.

In the hydromassage tub category, the new Hotel tub is the ultimate weapon for any ‘top’ hotel room, with an innovative system that completely replaces the water in just 45 minutes. The Essence family hot tub (Premium hot tub range, with 5 position) and the ever popular Aqualife 5 and Touch (4 and 3 positions, respectively) will round off the exhibition at our stand and showcase the wide range of options offered by Aquavia Spa.

A unique opportunity to show off our technological features

Seeing is believing. For Aquavia Spa, getting back to face-to-face trade shows is a great chance to let the public see first-hand the technological features of our systems. The Silent Pump ultra-quiet filtration, the Ultraviolet Treatment disinfection system that uses ultraviolet light, and the Colour Sense chromotherapy system are difficult to appreciate from afar, as is the Surround Bluetooth Audio surround sound and, in the case of the Fitness SwimSpa, the counter-current swimming jets.

We are also eager to highlight the steps we have taken to improve energy efficiency, from optimising pumps and heating and providing full insulation with our Nordic Insulation System, to EcoSpa, our cover that can withstand extreme cold. With all of this to spur us on, Aquavia Spa is packing its bags to show itself off to the world once again at Eurexpo-Lyon.

Participation in this event will be in collaboration with the Patronat de Promoció Económica de Lleida, and organization that is actively involved in the promotional activities of companies in Lleida.