The ground-breaking kit that turns your Swimspa into an aquatic gym

One of the most striking innovations in our accessories for 2018 is the Fitness Spa Kit, with which we aim to gain the maximum sporting benefits from the Swimspa. This innovative kit, which is now available, has a pole and harness to allow you to swim comfortably without any chance of striking the wall; elastic bands that allow you to do numerous aqua gym exercises; and oars to be installed in the wall of the hot tub.

With the Fitness Spa Kit, Aquavia is seeking to bring significant added value to our products that are more geared towards doing physical exercise, while at the same time encouraging their use in order to reinforce a fact that we believe is beyond dispute: any hot tub or Swimspa made by us is an excellent investment in your wellness and quality of life.

As part of our firm commitment to improve the physical and emotional health of our customers, we believe that it is essential to maximise the huge benefits of doing sport in water, from gentle exercise to the most demanding physical activity.


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