A lift that allows you to place the hot tub at the desired height

Today, we are going to talk about a very special hot tub and a customisation that has never been seen before. More specifically, this is the case of a German architect who wanted to add a special touch to his terrace and decided to fit the Spa Cube model with a lift mechanism. A hydraulic lift that allows you to position the hot tub at the desired height via a switch (thus facilitating access to it), which is fully integrated and hidden in the floor automatically when not in use. Impressive, right?

The Spa Cube, pure coincidence?

Many theories attest that “nothing happens by chance”. And the model chosen for this ‘height’ customisation, the Spa Cube, is one of the star creations of Aquavia Spa; a hot tub with a minimalist design, contemporary architecture and a Zen feeling.

This is a hot tub from the high-end Exclusive range, which in this case dispenses with an ergonomic structure in order to let users move with total freedom in the water around the spacious and flexible 4-person area.

The Spa Cube also comes with an array of top-of-the-line features: 27 pressurised water jets, 12 hot air jets (Relax Impact System), an Aromatherapy system, which incorporates fragrances released with the air of the bubbles, Colour Sense, (5 multi-colour LED spotlights inside the hot tub that give the water different colour effects), Pure Line Lighting (exterior lighting of the cabinet), Wi-Fi control (Wi-Fi Touch Panel), and the best energy saving and sustainability features: EcoSpa, Nordic Insulation System, Silent Pump and Ultraviolet Treatment.

In short, a truly luxurious hot tub with an “elevated” level of customisation, don’t you agree?