The new trendsetting colour is called Butterfly

At Aquavia Spa we not only continuously focus on technological innovations, research into materials and the continuous improvement of our designs to give our users a better experience. We also pay special attention to colour trends, enabling us to anticipate the tastes of our loyal customers. One name is on everyone’s lips in 2018: Butterfly.

We have added the new Butterfly colour to our colour range, which will give the cabinets of our hot tubs a touch of light and a subtly organic wooden texture, giving it a warm feel. Butterfly is the result of our commitment to bring lightness to our colours and textures, exactly what interior designers and decorators are looking for to ensure integration in minimalist and open spaces. So our new colour combines perfectly with white and grey shells, and blends in seamlessly in almost all settings.

We invite you to discover this new, bright and contemporary colour that combines a colour scheme with pleasant, warm textures. Without a doubt, it will be one of the biggest trends in interior design in the 2018-2019 season, although everything indicates that it is here to stay.